Gangolli-a picturesque ancient holy place

A kilometer long watery expanse from the meeting point of these five rivers to the estuary where it merges with the sea is known as the Gangolli river. Many persons attribute Gangolli’s development to its being rested upon the worthy banks of these distinct rivers. The mere presence of a river may not be able to contribute to the advancement of a region. In fact, what needs more is the divine grace of God. Accordingly, presence of various ancient temples is the major cause for its rapid growth.
The prominent among them is the Venkataramana temple which is popularly known as Malyar Matt which undoubtedly facilitated the development of the locality. The temple is steeped in rich history. The existence of reputed educational institutions, industries, commercial enterprises also favored the rapid progress of this township besides, the fisheries. The main objective of this write-up is to elaborate on the Venkataramana temple replete with enriching historical significance.
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