Gangolli-a picturesque ancient holy place

Encircled by the mighty Arabean sea along the western border and the Panchagangavali rivers along southern and eastern borders, an island like locale Gangolli is enriched with immense beauty of nature. The exhilarating and cheery winds add charm to this small peninsular township inhabited by about 20,000 people. The decision of the central government to accord it a prominent status of major port will likely to enhance the standard of living of its residents.
Standing on estuary, a watermark where serene rivers merge with the sea, a splendid view of hundreds of anchored launches, engine boats and steamers are seen to sailing either seaward or on voyage back. Besides, the wonderful scene and the port-side activities give ample proof of its being a leading fisheries center.
The rivers provide a scenic backdrop with lovely coastal setting as well as they provide boost to trade links in the region.The names of those rivers in Sanskrit run as follows. Souparnika, Chakra, Khedda, Kubja and Varahi. The kannada versions of those names are Kollooru hole, Vandse hole, Rajadi hole, Hemmadi hole and Haladi hole.

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